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Maria Ana Ablay-Curioso - Class '92

Thank you for inviting....Goodluck and Godbless!

Catalina Agura-Geist - Class '70

Reading the "Feedbacks", I don't see any from 1970.  Join me in, and I hope to see more graduates from that confused year of 1970.  GREAT IDEA GO BCA!!!!!

Marilyn Aringo-Rea - Class '76

Want to see my classmates in 1976 to join this internet organization and I'm proud to be a graduate of this famous academy.

Eva Marie Torres-Farrell - Class '78

" have a fantastic idea in creating this Alumni site for the entire Academians who graduated in BCA. To all my friends and Classmates class of 1978 keep in touch.  Take Care and God Bless"

Emmnuel Salvador - Class '69

I was present last black saturday when a meeting was held. I am very proud to those people who made   this possible to create or organized this association. Nabasa q ngane n tano ta dae q naisip iniu sabi kan saro sato. Its about time for us, I think, what we have now we could share to those people in needs.


Ameurfina Curioso-Silo - Class '75

Maray-rahay na pagmate an maaraman na may makakabaretaan ako sa Libmanan --mga amigos, kahimanua y parientes.

Enmanuel Pons - Class '61

Thanks to Francia Adan for giving me this site.  I would like to see some of my classmates graduated in 1961 to join this wonderful  internet organization.

Vilma Selga-Sadullo - Class '66


Efren Carinaga - Class '90

Salamat po sa inisiyatibo na ginigibo nindo. Magbunga man lugod nin marhay na biyaya ang obheto asin misyon niato ayon sa kalooban nin Diyos!

Salamat po.

Cristina San Esteban-Houy - Class '74

Diyos marhay na aldaw saindo gabos. This is the best way to find and keep in touch with our long lost friends and classmates. I missed my high school days..thanks for this great idea and most big thanks to Nonoy Atienza for the info. I'll spread the news!

More power....

Aurora  Umali-Robb - Class '72

What a brilliant idea!  Finally we will be able to re-connect our links that seem to have been lost due to many changes in our lives. When I saw the photos in the site they did bring back memories.

Keep up the good work!

Tyrone Mar Abundo - Class '05

Proud to be a graduate of the famous academy in Libmanan

Lizardo Gorom - Class '01

Naoogma ako ta my nag initiate na magiubo nin way para magkaroon nin open  communicatin ang gabos na bca graduates...salamat po..I will definitely be forever grateful to those peeople behind this wonderful project..Go BCA!!!

The long wait is over. I am so thankful that we already have this site where we can be find our fellas. I totally miss them all..Hope through this we can be reunited..naoogma ako ta naisip po nindo na maguibo kaini..Super salamat..You are making us really proud to be one of the alumni..

Wenceslao Q. Arroyo, Jr. - Class '80

Thanks for this great website. Magkakahirilingan man giraray kitang mga taga BCA asin an mga classmates at ka batch ko....MABUHAY !

Maria-Nieves del Rosario-Calabrese - Class '78

Thanks for this great project. got some pictures to send... hope to do it as soon as possible.

Eden Jane Roldan Intencion - Class '69

Thanks for this project. Congrats.
This is one way of keeping in touch with our classmates and schoolmates.

Marissa Bustamante Velarde - Class '73

This is great, I would finally be able to find my friends. I haven't entirely read the Constitution and By Laws but will make time to read it later.


Wilfredo Alvarez - Class '72

Though I am not a graduate of BCA, I left my heart there, for the memories and experiences plus the friends I had were irreplaceable.(including Glenn & Toots)

Hats off to you who came up with this and I will spread the word about this site.  Diyos Marhay na Aldaw sa Indo Gabos.

Rodel Paloma Class '99

Finally. A great move for the alumni to be reunited, I suggest to have a forum section and blog section so that alumni (will be) able to post their thought(s).

Emmanuel Bautista - Class '77

I am glad that finally we have means of getting in touch with friends and classmates from our hometown.  It has been years that I have not visited our town so I am really lost on what's happening over there.  I got teary eyed when I saw the pictures of Libmanan river, municipal hall and BCA campus.  It brought back memories, good and bad.

Anyway, if there is any help, I am just an email away, do keep in touch through my email.

Zita Baron-Vinluan - Class '87

CONGRATULATIONS for a great initiative!

I have been waiting for this, an association of the graduates of BCA where I am proud to belong, feels good being informed of the whereabouts and updates of old colleagues and friends. I will surely tell old friends and classmates about this project.

Again, Congratulations for a good job!

Norman Zaldua - Class '80

"This is a very nice way of keeping in-touch with former classmates asin iba pang development puede magibo kan mga graduate kan BCA. Sagkod sa ngonyan duwa sana an kaiskuela ko na igua akong email address. Iyo sana muna .. . . . . kumusta na sana sa gabos!!!"

Dr. Raymundo Pendor - Class '66

"Thank you for spearheading this noble project. I'll find time to have this realized.The following concerns should be undertaken:
      a. Finalized the draft
      b. Present the draft to the graduates
      c. Have it ratified by those present at least 50
      d. 0rganize the incorporators and the set
             of officers
      e. submit the application to SEC together
         with the signatures of the incorporators/officers


Eriberto Aco - Class '66

I haven't read it in full.  But it's okay with me.  I rate this five stars not only for the layout but also for the great idea.  Bakit kaya hindi ko naisip ito noon, siguro'y nakalaan ito para saiyo dear brother.  Dios mabalos, God bless you all and have a nice day.

Francia Adan-Banzuela  - Class '66

I would suggest to add a Legal Adviser for the association, so that every step we do in this matter will be in accordance with the law."

"Galing naman.  Very nice indeed. Good work.  This is a kind of ambitious endeavor, but will be very productive if everyone will really participate and get involved.

I am sure,  sa dami ng alumni ng BCA,  many will be interested to push this through.  All we need to do is to disseminate the news around so many people will know.  I will try to contact as many as I can.

Thanks and keep me posted of any development.