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Welcome to the website of the Bicol Central Academy  Alumni. This website was originally built primarily to gather and disseminate information regarding the proposed formation of the association.

We have, in many ways, achieved that goal and we now look forward to continually provide current and future members, information regarding the activities and current events of the BCA Alumni both in and out of our town and community.

We hope that our fellow graduates of the Bicol Central Academy will continue to provide us with information about themselves and their present whereabouts whether they are in Libmanan, Camarines Sur, Bicol, Manila, other regions of the Philippines or anywhere in the world.

Thank you all for helping us make this  project became a reality and please join us in our endeavor to provide service to our members and our community.
Our header background, the river, the bridge, and Mt. Isarog, has been a sight every Libmaneños has known and enjoyed since the beginning of time.  Unlike the mountain that is firm and permanent,  the river constantly flows with the tide and the people,  like the river's tide,  moves in and out on a steady stream.

The BCA Alumni can hopefully become the bridge to close the ever widening gap created by the constant move of our fellow graduates.
Bicol Central Academy
Our Mission

To promote unity and foster friendship among the Alumni of the Bicol Central Academy.

To promote the welfare of its members and provide assistance to the Alma Mater to the best of its ability.

We also aim to raise funds required for the Association’s efficient operation and projects, provide various scholarships to be extended, on a competitive basis, to poor but deserving high school  students and recent graduates of the Bicol Central Academy and to undertake various projects for the benefit of the community.